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Your challenge is to upload one photo and write a sentence about the photo and your name!


Hello my name is Sesoni and I like ice cream I have a cat name
Tim. My favorite team is the All Blacks because they have my favorite
player. His name is Daniel Carter. I like him because he's
fast and a good goal kicker. Have you played a game
called assassins creeds it on PS3 you should play

Hello my name is Daniel.

Do you have a cat called Fireman? I do! I like Dawson Primary because it is fun and cool. Have you ever played the video game Halo? It  is fun to learn at school, I really like doing math, because it's challenging. Basketball is cool, because you get to shoot in the hoop.and my favorite game is rugby because i can bump people.

Now you know all about me!

Hello my name is David and I love sport!

My best sport is rugby because I like to bump people off!!
Another thing is my favorite rugby player is Kevin Locke!
He plays for the best team the Warriors!!

I love basketball players!! I like the way they shoot and slam dunk!!

Ilove new ear snapback I collect them. I like West Tiger new ear snapback.They are cool!

 Hello my name is Tevita let me tell  you all about me.
My favorite thing is to eat ice-cream and cake and
play on computer. I also like to drink milk shake.

I have short black hair and I'm kind of tall. I have black eyes, 
brown skin and my shoes size is nine.

 The sports that I am best at are rugby,hockey,cricket.

 In conclusion I love the way I live!

Hello my name is Edward I love to go to school everyday.
I'm in  year 6.  My favorite foods are burgers and fish and chips I love to drink milkshakes.
I used to have a dog name max I love NRL here are all the teams
I also love to go on the computer and on my wii

Hello my name is Ronnie.
My favorite thing is to eat is ice-cream and my favorite ice-cream is lime.
My favorite thing to play is on my game and my favorite thing is to play sport
and my favorite sport is rugby and baseball.And my favorite thing to play on the x-box is halo.And I like the team steelers and broncos.

Hello my name is Payton.I like playing Xbox 360 and my favorite game is Halo Reach I use to have a dog named Zuke. I have one little sister I like wearing Mitchell and Ness snapbacks. I have three snapbacks the Charlotte Hornets LA Kings and San francisco 49ers. I am a year 6 student. I have one sister and live with my nan my mum and my aunty. I like the Warriors and the training jersey!And I also like the melbourne storms and my favorite animal is the komodo dragon and the sabor-tooth tiger.my favorite car is the bugatti it is faster than the Mclaren F1 and the Saleen S1 know you know all about me bye.

Hello my name is Elijah I like to play ps2 
my favorite game is Harry potter namber two 
ever time when the little dangers worms came use 
the wone to kill them so they do not eat me
till I die bling.
Hello my name is Rollin!
I have a PS2 I like to play rugby 2011. My favorite team is the Broncos and the
Warrior. My favorite player is Manou Vatavie. I like to play baseball because you can hit the ball so high and play and also I like to play soccer. I go to Dawson School it is so cool because we got a cool teacher like Mr.Pattison. My teacher is the coolest teacher in the school.I am so fast... like a cheetah.
I have brown eyes and a cool short haircut. I am in room 14 and all of my friends

Hello my name is Lawrence!

and I like rugby because I like to tack other people .
and a another thing would be a car cause they are fast as a rocket and
 but swimming is cool as well because there is more room at the beach
to swim aroud more to have fan and I live in New Zealand and
i have a dog called boy and he is 8 years old.
He is black and white to and i went to the polly and it was fan there to

Hi my name is Sauionge!

I like to Dougie, check out this video of me dancing on Youtube! Me dancing. I really like to play rugby and soccer.I like wwe better.
I like snapbacks.

                                         Hello my name is Jamie and I like rugby because
                                         its fun to. Play because its good for us to play.
                                         and I like Wii and I like call of duty. MW3

Hello my name is Tama my favorite thing is playing video games. My favorite game to play is Call of Duty, because there are all sorts of cool weapons. another thing I like is to play rugby with my friends. I also like to play basketball and I really like Lebron James.I really like to sing and make up my own words it's really fun making up song's also singers from all over the world are pretty cool singers,my favorite singer is ub40 there old school.

Hello my name is Julius!
I'm from Otara, New Zealand and I like cars. Specifically I like cars like the one below. Another thing that I like is to draw. My favorite thing to draw is different types of masks. I have one brother and two sisters.
Now you know all about me.

Hello my name is Tyreece and I live in Auckland, New Zealand.

My favorite game is battle field 3  halo 2 . Some people have cool stuff on the blog. Some people have heaps of photos of cool things. Some have cars on there blog. I can do an thing on our blog. Blogging is fun because  you get to do cool stuff like writing cool things like writting. my favorate food is chicken.

Hello my name is Poe.
My favorite sport is Rugby


Hello my name is Feauina ? and I like to play on the playground and I like to play basketball with my class room. I to play ps2 my favorite game on ps2 is rugby. My favorite player is sonny bill.sonny bill is a boxer and a rugby player and my favorite team is            
the chefs. my favorite food is pizza. my favorite flaver  is makaroni and chesse. some time I  sleep after school at home.I like to play on      
the i pad and I like to do the earth ship with my class.I come from samoa.

Hello my name is Cayden.
I like playing rugby.
My favourite player is Jason Robinson.
I like playing with my family.
 My 2 favourite sports are N.F.L and basketball
I like playing wwe on playstaytion.

My name is kevin and
I like rugby

Hello my name is martin

I like to play rugby because run right pass him  and my favorite ice cream is banana I like to go on the blog because people get to no you and we get to put some video on the blog I like to play with controling toy like cars and bouts on the
water at the beach and I like to play out side at the sand and I like to go four a swim

now you no all about me. 

Hi my name is Heamasi.
And my favorite sport is rugby and baskitball and cricket.
 I like the pollyfeast because you get to eat
food and see people dance.
And my favorite ic cream is chocolite and vanala
and my gold is becoming a rugby player.
2 thing i want to be is police.
Now you know all about me thanx for reading;].


  1. Looking good so far gentlemen!

  2. We really enjoyed reading your profiles. At Clarendon we are learning about Aboriginal culture.

  3. Hello room 14 I really like your profiles. Now I know all about you