Monday, 28 May 2012

Making our smoothies

We are selling smoothies everyday this week!

We have a created a works like this:

First thing we do is write down the number of all the classes in our school, TJ did it this morning, and send out an order sheet to each classroom.

When the order sheets come back to our class we record the number of smoothies that each class wants and erase the classes that are not ordering.

Ronnie and David are counting up the money as it is brought to our class to see that it is the same amount on the paper. Once it is checked TJ write the amounts of smoothies ordered next to each class and keeps a running record of the total orders.

Then we start to make smoothies! Below is a video of David and TJ making a smoothie.

Then somebody from our class takes a tray of smoothies and delivers it to each class.

Once that is done we clean up and collect the cup used to be washed and reused. We are reusing cups to reduce the garbage created from our class business.


  1. hi room 14 we like your class frog and also the smoothies, it was tasty From Arsenah and her mum

  2. tutumu rm1 are dne miss miss zeier
    a in tatarua we fish
    fish is the
    are like tutumum miss zeier love

    You have got pretty cool work. your smoothies are yum. We made jelly with Miss Zeier. Have you made jelly? Are you going to make any more smoothies?
    Tutumu Room 1

  3. cheer boys those smoothies look yum can I have some