Sunday, 6 May 2012

Term 2 Topic- Enterprise

This term we are going to make smoothies as our enterprise project. We are making smoothies as a healthy choice for lunch. Below is a picture of the steps we need to follow to sell our smoothies. 

Step One
The first step was to brainstorm ideas of what we wanted to do make. We decided on making smoothies over other ideas such as: pizza, pasta and fruit juice. We picked smoothies because they are much easier to make as well as being healthy.

Step Two
We are now developing our product by testing different flavours of smoothies, and varying the amounts of ingredients.

Stay posted, as I will be updating this post as we reach the next steps.

Today Connor and Texas came to help us develop a good tasting smoothie!

wednesday may 9th

step 3

 Today Room 18 and 15 came into our are class we 

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