Monday, 7 May 2012

Tuesday May 8th 2012

We asked Mr.Pattison if we could do the wall sit to test our perseverance. We are learning about perseverance and discipline in Cracker Jack Kids(P.E.) and the wall sit is a great example of it.  

Watch this video to see us doing the wall sit. 


  1. Great work Rm 14. you look like you are sitting on invisible chairs - clever!!

    Mrs Boyd

  2. hi my name is viliami. I really like how you are lining up by room
    14. I also liked it when you were funny.

    viliami room 1

  3. is ma dno rae tutumu ma
    ni 14
    ma 14 kool miss zeier 1 tutumum

    My name is Tutumu. I like to play soccer. Miss Zeier is my teacher.
    We go to Room 14 for buddy reading. We went today. Thank you Room 14.
    You can't sit down on the wall for long. Is it hard to do?

  4. hi my name is Viliami. I really like how you are siting at the door at room 14. I also like how you are folding your arms.