Saturday, 21 July 2012

Term 3 up and running!

This term we have some really interesting things going on this term.

One thing is the live streaming video from our class web camera. Currently the webcam is focused on our fish tank. David Cooper From MTI has once again brought us some native fish to put in the tank he donated to us last year! Thank you again! The link to our live feed is below...check it out!

The webcam video quality is poor and in black and white, but we are going to read the manual and figure out how to make it color, turn on the light for night viewing, and make the quality better. Right now it looks like this...

We have finally finished our Earth Hive, which is a structure to protect our bees, and now have bees!!! We would like to thank Terry McColl who has provided us with a small hive to start us on our journey towards larger hives and being able to harvest honey.

We threw together a video of us building the Earth Hive with our Families. Mr. P has given us the challenge to make a more detailed and polished video, so watch out for it, because it going to be AWESOME!

This is the hive facing outwards!
This is where the bees exit their hive!

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  1. how you get all those bees? How do bees fly?
    Steven room 1 and 2