Thursday, 2 August 2012

Earth Hive Mural

For the last two weeks we have been working on the mural for the Earth Hive at the back of Room 15.

We have been working on procedural writing as well(instructions), so here are the instructions for how we made our mural.

Mural Making

It all started with Malia, our classroom helper, drawing a design for our mural about the new bee hive we got for our Earth Hive. 
Then David, Cayden and Malia drew the design on a treated piece of plywood that Mr.P bought. 
Then we painted in the picture with arcylic paint, everyone in the class got a chance, but some are better then others so a small group of boys finished it off.- see the photo below
Today we have finally finished the painting, and now our caretaker Mr. Macmillan will spray a varnish to seal in the paint. 
Once that mural is dry we will hang it up on the side of the Earth Hive we built!

Below is a short video of the mural just before it was finished.  

Here is a picture of some of the boys who have been working on the wonderful mural. Everyone had the opportunity to work on the mural,  but the boys who did the most work are in the photo below; Tyreece, Tama, Cayden, Ronnie, Payton and Feauina.

This post was done by Tama and Taunga

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  1. Wow boys, your mural is fantastic.The colours really stand out and you have thought a lot about the design.Great work.
    Mrs Funaki