Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Grass Art

Today we finished our grass art. Here are two videos, one of Taunga and one of  Levi finishing our grass art by placing crushed shells around the grass so you can see the designs.


Today Kevin and I were cutting out pieces of grass turf to make grass in the same shape as one of our TukuTuku panels. We used crushed up shells to put around the grass so people can see the grass properly.- By Tauanga


Today I put shells  around the grass so we can see the grass properly. It was fun. - By Levi


  1. The grass art looks awesome boys! I love that you used the tukutuku panels for inspiration. Ka rawe to mahi!
    Miss Zeier - Room 1

  2. I like your art because your an artist from ciprein room 1